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The video collection at Swallowed Alive consists of lengthier, high-quality and high-definition clips featuring a variety of popular Giantesses on the site. All the videos are exclusive to Swallowed Alive and have more in depth plots.

Demi the Dreamy Giantess


Goddess Demi falls asleep pissed and fuming at the cruelty of the town she lives in. Demi awakes in the middle of town to discover that she is 50 feet tall!!!!! All the towns people look like ants... click here for more

Laura the Gladiator Giantess


"Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of a Little Scum!"  Queen Laura is hungry... and she finally finds what she's looking for. She spots you hiding...... click here for more

Rainny the Super Giantess


Rainny returns to unleash a whirl wind of rage on a small miniature community. One by one you watch in horror as Super Giantess Rainny begins to devour your friends and fellow towns people one at a time!... click here for more

"The Best" Licking


Can you survive 10 full minutes of watching 10 gorgeous women salivating and drooling over you? Step up and take the challenge as one sexy girl continues licking you where the other has left off. After you’ve watched the video, vote on who you think gives the hottest tongue bath!... click here for more

"The Best" Swallowing


There’s a little bit of everything in the first installment of the “Best of Swallowed”. Featured in this video is some stellar tongue play, verbal teasing, stomach growling, and plenty of up close HIGH DEFINITION throat shots.... click here for more

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