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Demi the Dream Giantess

Demi the Dream Giantess

This epic video features the most downloaded Giantess of 2010 - - - Goddess Demi. She falls asleep pissed and fuming at the cruelty of the town she lives in. Some jerk named Matt who she went out with once started a mean rumor about her and all the town folk are talking about it. As she falls asleep she wishes she was 50 feet tall so she could crush, devour, and demolish the town.

As if her prayers had been answered, Demi awakes in the middle of Pleasantville and is... 50 feet tall!!!!! All the towns people look like ants. First, she steps on them... then, she scoops them up and eats them as granola in her yogurt... she places one in her cleavage... while popping the other in her mouth like candy....but still she can't find Matt, the jerk who started the nasty rumor in the first place.

Finally... she spots YOU - MATT - hiding amidst the trees and scoops you up in the palm of her hand so you can't escape. She gives you the last kiss you will ever get - the kiss of death- followed by tasting you with her soft tongue. Finally, she puts you out of your misery by swallowing you alive.


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