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Laura the Gladiator Giantess

Laura the Gladiator Giantess

"Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of a Little Scum!"

Let's turn back the clock to ancient Rome... Laura the Queen is a beautiful giantess and is walking near the lake in her gladiator style sandals. She happens to come across a community of tiny people.

She is first stopped by a police officer and she decides to simply step on him slowly and completely crush the life out of him. She makes sure to stomp on him fully and rejoices at the sound of his bounds crushing and blood spurting out of his gut.

She moves along and is searching for food. Queen Laura is hungry... and she finally finds what she's looking for. She spots you hiding and she scoops you up into her hand. She first licks you.. tasting and salivating for the meal to come. Finally she gets bored and decides to slowly chew you up to bits and pieces. Get ready for Laura the Gladiator Giantess!

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