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E X - B O Y F R I E N D  P A Y B A C K  S N A C K


Sweet Megan suspects that YOU, her boyfriend, has been secretly cheating on her. She confirms her suspicions when she checks your email and reads messages from a girl named Lisa. Infuriated, she decides the best way to deal with your betrayal is by getting revenge. She calls you up and invites you over for a home cooked meal. Unknown to you, she has a secret agenda...

Oh no! Megan has shrunk you down to the size of 1 inch! And, she's shrunk the entire town out of pure rage. After crushing and trampling everyone that has ever wronged her, she sets her sights, and her foot, on you. But at the last moment, she shows mercy by not squashing you like a little bug underneath her big toe. Instead, she scoops you up and starts to lick you all over. Just when you think the torture is over, you see her turn her head backwards and she slowly drops you into her mouth. *GULP*


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