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Nirvana's Brother's Demise

Nirvana's Brother's Demise

"Ewww.. what is wrong with you?! You're my BROTHER for pete's sake!"

You've always had a thing for your sister Nirvana... she's now 22 and has been haunting your dreams for years. While she's in the kitchen you sneak up behind her and start getting hard while looking at her legs. She bumps into you and freaks out. She goes off on you, calling you a sick disgusting perverted little virgin and she vows to tell mom & dad on you. As you sulk away, you start to SHRINK!! Before you know it you are the size of a peanut. You turn around and run back to the kitchen but your sister can't even see you because you're so tiny. She actually steps on you on accident and walks away.

When you come to, you find her lying on the couch talking to a girlfriend. You climb up on the couch to tell her what happened but she gets up to reposition herself and sits back down on the couch.. right on you! When she feels you underneath her but, she flips out again and swears she's going to eat you. She puts you deep in her mouth and starts to chew.. but then she spits you out when she feels you tugging your little weener while being eaten by her. Ewww...

She then decides it's time to reallly crush you.. so she gives you to the count of 10 to do what you have to do before she crushes you alive. As she counts down, her sexy, stinky foot slowly comes down on top of you before.. splat...

But.. you're still alive. She just wanted to tenderize you and mash you a little before she's going to eat you. You wake up and you're on a dinner plate waiting to be eaten. Nirvana then licks her lips.. opens her mouth as wide as she can.. and sticks you in there. She then chews you up, grinds on your bones with her teeth, and takes a giant gulp to finish you off.


What one fan has said about this clip:
Omg! That was freakin amazing! You nailed it on the head, and she was better than I expected. She even had incredible Improv. Great angles, awesome sound effects. Just...WOW! Hot Girl, Hot Movie. Thanx a lot man. Best Shrink/Vore video Ever!

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