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Rainny the Super Giantess

Rainny the Super Giantess

Rainny returns to unleash a whirl wind of rage on a small miniature community. She comes stampeding in and starts to crush everything in her path. Rainny just loves to feel the squishing, bone crushing feeling when she steps on a little person.

Rainny then kneels down from her position of height to get closer to all the towns people. She starts to pick off people one at a time as she tosses them into her mouth like candy. One by one you watch in horror as Super Giantess Rainny begins to devour your friends and fellow towns people one at a time!

A little bored, she begins flicking people with her giant fingers one by one until she finds an extra tasty and juicy person. All your hiding won't save you as she spots you and has you right where she wants you. She reaches forward holding you easily between her thumb and pointer finger and she lovingly takes long licks of you to taste you. Finally, she can't take anymore and she pops you in her mouth so you can join your friends.


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