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Justine the Bikini Giantess

Justine the Bikini Giantess

It started off a day like any other. You.. open your eyes.. not even remotely surprised at seeing 10 lifesize wiggling digits directly in front of you. As you begin to gaze up and up and up your eyes scan in wonder over valleys of beautiful, toned skin minimally dressed in a pink bikini. Her name is Justine and she is the Giantess hovering over you on this occasion. Justine is charmed by your presence. She wants to take a little time at first to make you feel... scared. Just to see what you'll do. Justine lifts up one of her giant feet and slowly begins to crush you. Her foot comes closer and closer to you and just as you're about to go *splat* - she mercifully picks up her foot.

She just loves having fun with you!!! After a few minutes of playful stompage, she scoops you up and comes up with a new idea for you. She wants to give you a new home.. some where warm, cozy, and comfortable... ah ha! Cleavage! She drops you right in between her giant breasts. Wow, perfect fit! She laughs in amusement as she squeeeeeezes her tits into your face and head. She then rubs them up and down until you are dizzzzzy. Wow!

Justine then picks you up for a closer look. Now she wants to TASTE you. With just a flick of her tongue, she pokes you with the tip and then tastes you inside her mouth. Intrigued.. she wants a little more "licky licky". She is loving your weird tastes! She licks you allllll over.. up and down, left and right, drenching you in her goddess saliva. Wet lick after wet lick.

Finally, it's time for the CONCLUSION of her meal. She's stepped on you, she's put you in beween her toes, she's buried you in between her perfect giant tits, she's then tasted you, licked you all over and she's even dangled you in front of her open mouth threatening to drop you in.. but she hasn't.... yet....  Now she opens wide and comes closer and closer to you and then...

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